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Laundry for Busy Lives: Tips for Efficient and Effective Washing

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For some busy individuals, having an empty laundry basket could be the best 5 seconds of the week. But have you ever wondered how you can make those few seconds turn into minutes? Or have you wondered when you will constantly see a prolonged emptiness in your laundry basket? While some will automatically opt for the services of professional laundry cleaners in Beverly Hills, CA, here are some helpful tips to make your laundry more efficient and effective laundry washing:

Multiple Laundry Basket System

Creating your laundry basket system will save you time sorting out your laundry. With this method and your household’s full cooperation, you can make your washing more efficient and effective. This system helps you sort out your laundry according to color. One for whites, one for pastels, and one for dark-colored clothes. 

The Laundry Rule

Picking up after someone’s mess sure is tiresome for a mom. However, applying a laundry rule will stop you from going down on your knees to pick up or search for missing pairs of socks across your kids’ room. Buy a laundry basket for each of your kids to make them responsible for their stuff and know where to place their used clothes.

Make a Laundry Routine and Follow it Consistently

Making a laundry routine and following it consistently will eventually result in you seeing prolonged empty laundry baskets. So make a schedule for when you are going to wash your dirty laundry. In that way, you won’t have to see disheartening piles or mountains of unwashed clothes.

Start Your Day Early

If you struggle with lots of chores and tasks to accomplish every day, then starting your day early will make you finish things in no time. As people say, the secret to getting ahead is getting started early. Thinking of doing your laundry after work does not work. Most of the time, you’ll get home tired. So, committing to washing your laundry before heading off to work is a better idea.

Sorting Per Label and Separating Loads

Sometimes, trick your mind into thinking that you do not have a mountain of dirty laundry. Sort them out and separate them by load. However, do not forget to check out the labels on each garment. Some laundry might require methods of washing, such as “Do not Bleach” or “Hand Wash.” Following instructions and symbols on tags or labels will help you have a more efficient way of washing your laundry. However, if some of your laundry requires dry cleaning and you need an immediate solution, remember to avail yourself of the services of your trusted dry cleaners in Beverly Hills, CA

Using Timers and Reminders

If you do not want to spend the whole day washing clothes, setting timers and reminders on your appliances is a good tip for effective and efficient washing. This method will help you save time and energy by doing things all at once. 

Using Cold Water for Laundry

If you are washing your dirty laundry that is stained, it is best to wash it with cold water instead of hot water. Hot water is not recommended because it requires you to use more energy and takes your laundry longer to dry. Using cold water helps you remove dirt and stains far more easily than warm or hot water. 

Drying Methods

If you badly want to wear your favorite pair of jeans right now but they are taking too long to dry, there is a fast way for you to dry them out in no time. You can make the drying process shorter by placing a soft and dry towel in your drying load. In that way, your jeans will dry faster.


If you want to learn more laundry advice and tips from experts, visit the most trusted and reliable laundry cleaners in Beverly Hills, CA, VIP Cleaners, where you are treated with the utmost importance and priority. Reach us at 310-271-3088.

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