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Useful Tricks to Clean Grease-Stained Clothes

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I bet there was a time you didn’t cook until quarantine came along. After that, we most likely cooked a few things and did it with oil. Cooking oil then popped up to burn our skin and got on our shirts because we didn’t have an apron on. We don’t always think of everything. Allow us to share some life hack solutions for dealing with these discolorations.

I’m going to be sharing with you tips on what you can use to remove grease stains from your clothing. First and foremost, put on that apron to protect what you’re wearing. The most common grease stains usually come from cooking. Here is what you can do to deal with them. By the way, there are laundry cleaning services in Beverly Hills, CA, if you live in that area of the West Coast.

1. Dish Soap

If we get grease stains while cooking at home or pretending to know how to cook at a friend’s house, there’s always dish soap that’s ready to use. Apply a small amount of solution to the stain itself and rub it around. Give the spot a wet paper towel treatment, and then apply a dry one to absorb the dampness.

2. Baking Soda

Using this baking ingredient to remove stains from clothing is an effective trick. All that’s required is to sprinkle the powder, wait five minutes, then scrub the baking soda into the stain, and watch as the stain’s color is absorbed. Continue the procedure until it stops changing color. This works best while the stain is still new.

3. Salt

Salt works well to remove stains immediately after they occur. Get the salt shaker from the dinner table and put some of it directly into your clothes. After doing this, add some stain remover and wash the stain as soon as you can. This will only work if the remedy is done immediately after.

4. Stain Remover

Despite the fact that this article is primarily about alternative ways to deal with grease stains, we’re including stain removers for their ability to do the job. If a piece of pepperoni pizza goes down your shirt and you have a stain remover handy, it’s all good. The solution is made especially for that purpose and is effective when applied properly. We’re already halfway through learning how to remove grease stains from clothes. Read on.

5. Makeup Remover

It turns out that makeup remover is also an effective grease stain remover in addition to being able to wipe off mascara. It typically becomes very useful backstage during fashion shows, and it works well on cotton. Before washing our clothes, blot the stain on the clothes with a makeup wipe. Let’s just be careful not to use it on silk.

6. Artificial Sweetener

This one caught me off guard a little. Grease and oil stains can be effectively absorbed and removed from clothing by using an artificial sweetener. Sprinkle a tiny amount of the fine powder on the discoloration, and we’ll see a similar reaction as when using salt or baking soda. Scrub the sweetener into the surface and then brush it off.

7. Shaving Cream

If something greasy is dropped on the carpet and leaves a stain, go get the shaving cream from the john and squirt it on the discolored spot. This is an effective technique for getting those stains from rugs and carpets. Scrub it into the affected area, allow it to dry completely, and then rub it off with a moist towel.

Final Trick to Get Rid of Stains

We’re all bound to get grease stains on our shirts whenever we visit a fast food joint. It’s something we’ve done before. We excitedly bite into a burger or pull on a pizza, and before we know it, some of that grease slides off the food or drips down the side of our mouths and stains our shirts. We can go do the life hacks that we just talked about, or we can get laundry cleaning services in Beverly Hills, CA, if we live in that part of town.

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