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5 Good-To-Know Facts about Dry Cleaning in Beverly Hills CA

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Beverly Hills is probably one of the most well-known cities in the world being home to many celebrities and high-profile individuals. Because of this type of population, it is also a well-known fact that the way of living in this city is extravagant. The level of comfort and convenience set by the lifestyle in the area gives opportunities for business owners. Given this, many types of businesses just like dry cleaning are flourishing within Beverly Hills CA

As a city upholding a high standard of living, being a resident of Beverly Hills gives you a daily dose of the latest fashion trends. But due to the fast-paced lifestyle, many residents in the city turn to professionals when it comes to the cleanliness and maintenance of their clothes.

The Beneficial Facts of Laundry Services

Dry cleaning is one of the most preferred laundry options. But there is much more to dry cleaning than simply keeping the cleanliness of clothes.

Here are five facts that you should know about dry cleaning services:

Fact 1: Convenience

Since the residents of Beverly Hills are more inclined to comfort and convenience, it is very common for them to employ the aid of professionals for the care of their clothes. This saves the owners of the clothes time and effort in the process.

Fact 2: Safeguards Integrity of Fabrics

Compared to regular washing, dry cleaning helps keep clothes from shrinkage and wearing. It is common knowledge that water causes the shrinking of certain types of fabric. On the other hand, the machine cycles of regular washing machines cause the fabrics of clothes to wear and loosen. This can all be avoided with the help of dry cleaning, ensuring the longevity of the clothing.

Different types of fabric used in clothing also require a different type of cleaning process. With the help of dry cleaning professionals, rest assured that the best procedure is employed when handling your delicate garments. 

Fact 3: Thorough Clean

Even after several cycles on a regular wash machine, some stains can still be difficult to remove from clothes. This is where the help of dry washing comes in. With the help of detergents specifically employed by dry cleaning companies here in Beverly Hills CA, tough stains and even strong odors can be removed with ease without the need for scrubbing.

Fact 4: Eco-friendly

Often the spearhead of contradictions towards dry cleaning, the detergents used in the process are conceived as harmful to the environment. This is slowly being dismissed in recent years as dry cleaning professionals convert to more eco-friendly chemicals when providing their services. Nowadays, many options of eco-friendly dry cleaning detergents are being preferred over cancer-causing perchloroethylene.

Fact 5: Dry Cleaning Women’s Clothes may Cost More

This may initially sound gender bias at first. However, understanding the materials used and clothing structure of women’s clothes, it’s indeed reasonable. Compared to men’s clothes, delicate fabrics like velvet or silk are mostly used in women’s clothes. Paddings and boning structures are also common in women’s clothes. This entails more specific and special handling throughout the dry cleaning process.

There is more to dry cleaning other than cleaning clothes and all of them are beneficial. If you are looking for a professional company that offers dry cleaning and dry and fold services in Beverly Hills CA, VIP  Cleaners is the best choice for you!

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